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If you want to get started immediately, I recommend reverse-engineering your sales funnel.  

You have to start with how you will make money with your traffic and list and work from there. Follow along as I explain…  


Find Your Offer And Monetization Strategy Before Building A List  

This means, DO NOT SKIP module 1 of the Rapid Traffic Guide.  

You’re going to learn how to pick an offer or create an offer to present to your traffic.  

The absolute worst thing that you can do is build a list before you have an offer in mind. All of the traffic generation and copywriting strategies discussed in Modules 2 and 3 are wasted if you don’t think about your offer first.


Create And Test The Ideal Lead Capture Process Before Sending Swarms Of Traffic

This isn’t something you “half-ass.”  

The powerful traffic techniques you learn in the third module will drive traffic to your lead capture page.  

Don’t blow it by putting an untested page in front of thousands of visitors.  

Test, test, and re-test. Take your time and you will save money (and make more money) later.  


Send The Traffic  

With the Rapid Traffic Guide, this part is easy.  

Just follow one, two, three or all of the 20+ traffic generation techniques listed.  

Remember, whatever you do, don’t skip steps 1 and 2!  

Building a responsive list that’s ready to act on offers, starts with the offer itself and the “funnel” process.    


Follow Up With Your List And Build A Relationship That Turns Your Subscribers Into Buyers

This is easier said than done…  

It helps to have a strong follow up sequence ready, but you also have to understand how to segment your list, encourage open rates and effectively split test email copy.  

This information is not included in Rapid Traffic Guide. However…

This Is An Important Part Of Creating Conversions!

So If You Need Help Turning List Subscibers Into Buyers, This Is What I Would Like To Show You


  • The follow up principles you absolutely need to know to turn stone cold leads into red hot buyers eager to click on the links in your emails and convert to offers…
  • Time-tested tried and trusted techniques guaranteed to work every time and proven to build relationships and trust that turns your leads into valuable assets…  
  • The “99% Mistake” that most marketers (that’s 99% of marketers) are making and why it will kill conversions if you ignore it…  
  • Innovate and never before shared pre-framing secrets that get leads to “bang on the door” of your virtual home (that’s your email inbox) and beg to give you their credit card number..  
  • Why you need to segment your list and how you can leverage the tested power of segmented messages to build 10x the trust in 80% fewer emails (and with less time)…  
  • Guaranteed reasons for providing different follow up sequences for different products that you will ignore if you don’t listen to what I have to say…  
Follow Up And Conversions Secrets Companion To Rapid Traffic Guide

I’m offering this 3-part video lesson series right now so that you can take what you’ll learn in the Rapid Traffic Guide to the next level!

You get

  • 3 Video Lessons
  • Complete Follow Up Guide
  • List Segmentation Secrets
  • Broadcast Emails
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Conversion Boosting Principles
  • And Proven Follow-Up Strategies  

All of this and more is available in this one time offer as a “THANK YOU” for purchasing the Rapid Traffic Guide.


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Bottom line is you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.




Lesson 1 – Follow Up Principles

  • How to follow up a lead and convert it into a red hot buyer
  • Tried and trusted follow up principles that work every time
  • How to build trust with your leads
  • I reveal the biggest mistake that is killing your lists responsiveness (which 99% of marketers are actually making)
  • How to pre frame a lead so that they are soon banging on your door with credit card in hand
  • Secret formula that determines when to provide vale and when to pitch
  • I provide an example of a complete follow up sequence to a lead (works in any niche!) which YOU CAN MODEL!
  • How to set this up on complete autopilot (Set it and forget it)

Lesson 2 – List Segmentation

  • Why you need to segment your list and how it increases your trust and profits
  • Why customers need different follow up than leads
  • Why different products need different follow up messages
  • I provide an example of a complete follow up sequence to recently acquired customer which YOU CAN MODEL!
  • How to pitch related offers
  • How to automate the sequence and the automate the segmentation process in an autoresponder

Lesson 3 – Broadcast Emails

  • Tips and tricks on how to send broadcast emails and turn this asset into an online ATM
  • What type of offers to pitch and when to pitch value
  • 16 proven secrets on how to increase you open and click rates
  • How to split test and optimise broadcasts for greater engagement and ultimately increase the profitability of your business


PS – Think about it:  You’ve already spent enough time and money to GET your customers….

Why have that time and money get flushed down the toilet when they end up leaving “your list” for other marketers—leaving you to spend MORE money to replace them…

So you need to do your utmost to KEEP them.


SO CLICK THE BUTTON and keep your customers paying you for years to come!

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