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 The Massive Traffic Formula that Gets YOU Consistent, Residual Income... Without Any Prior Experience
Allows Newbie To Make $1,845.60 from 15 Minutes Work With Secret Set And Forget Strategy

  • Build Reliable Passive Income  With Unlimited Scalablility!

  • Newbie Friendly  With HD Video, Audio and PDF Cheat Sheets

Designed to Have You Earning Online Immediately

Dear Newbie Online Income Seeker or Struggling Online (or Offline) Business Owner,

Things are about to change for you big time, with what I am offering today!

If you want to know a method that made me $978.60 pure profit from free traffic with only 30 minutes work, and dozens of other profitable techniques, then you need to check this out.

Now This is for you, if:

  • You are completely new to the whole 'Make Money Online' thing, with zero technical skills and are searching for the simplist way possible to have consistent daily commissions of $200, $500 or up to $1,000 consistently dropping into your bank account like clockwork, without even having a product of your own.

  • You would like to generate simple passive income to help you pay the bills, put your children through college or even gain the financial freedon and lifestyle you deserve.

  • You are a Network Marketer, looking for the fastest way to recruit hundreds (or thousands) team members into your company and retain them for years instead of months, creating large and secure residual income.

  • You are interested in starting an online business and bought that many products, wasting your precious money and time going through countless hours of endless dribble and half assed training, but somehow you’ve still failed to make a dime online.

  • You already have a website or offer that is not earning anywhere near its potential and you’re looking for a sure fire way to increase your leads, customer base and profits exponentially, in matter of days or weeks.

  • You want to finally be able to capture more leads and make more sales in your business than you know what to with, whilst building a massive hyper responsive list, allowing you to explode your profits and create income at the click of a mouse.

  • You are an offline business owner and would like to generate more leads and sales using online methods that can be automated and scaled at will.

  • You want to become a traffic expert, learning how to tap into many different, free, cheap, scaleable, untapped and new secret traffic sources, enabling you to create income instantly and reliably.

If you can relate to any of the above, then please keep reading, because...

The solution you have been looking for has literally been hiding right under your nose!

Rob J Temple

"Teaching effective, time-efficient traffic strategies which actually get a return-on-investment is hard... but I have to say, Gary has cracked the code.

The more I scrolled through the members area, the more I couldn't believe just HOW much content is packed into this course. Gary has done an incredible job of cramming the most effective and results-getting traffic strategies into a single course, with nothing left out and nothing left to chance.

The videos are clear, concise and give you everything you need - even if you're a total newbie. If you need fast, easy traffic RIGHT now, then this is the program for you. I strongly recommend it."

But before I start …

If you are looking for a ‘Push Button’ or ‘One Click’ get rich quick scheme well then this certainly isn’t for you.

So let's cut to the chase...

What Is This Simple System?


Well, putting it simply it's an endless massive surge of TARGETED TRAFFIC from multiple sources (the way the most succesful online marketers do it) and incorporating it into this simple but proven 3 step system:


Select Product


Set Up Lead Capture Machine


Send Traffic

Implement These 3 Simple Steps, Then Sit Back and Watch As The Commission Start Rolling In To Your Bank Account, Whilst Your Subscriber List Of Hungry Buyers Grows Exponentially, Allowing You To Create Income As Simple As Sending An Email!

And don’t worry, I’ll show you the BRAIN DEAD EASY STEPS to set these up holding your hand through the entire process, breaking every thing down step by step, making it fail proof ....

As I demonstrate exactly (step by step) how and where to get high converting offers to promote, and how to set up lead capture mechanisms to accelerate your list building to the next level. 

I'll even show you how to quickly create your own high converting product in a way that is so simple, anybody can do it (even if you think you can't).

And most importantly, I demonstrate how to get an abundance of targeted traffic to your offer so you can see daily commissions that just keep rolling into your bank account, and build a massive buyer list in the process. 

Breaking it down step by step, and totally debunk the myth that 'getting traffic is difficult'.

I also show you how to set it up so that it runs on complete auto-pilot!

John Thornhill

"Congrats on a putting together such a fantastic training program.  Well done!  Anyone who does any sort of business online needs traffic.  Your videos cover some of the best sources I know of and others that I have no idea how to get the best from.

I do like the fact that you cover all types of traffic, AND the best places and ways to get great results from any effort people put in.

I highly recommend Rapid Traffic Guide to anyone who is looking for simple ways to get more targeted traffic to their sites and offers."

Now I'm not talking about any old Traffic...

I'm talking about

And finding an avalanche of traffic from laser targeted sources of people who are desperately looking for what you have to offer, instead of getting a pile of unmotivated, disinterested traffic which will waste your time and money!

Well you won’t need to buy another traffic course again once you get this in your hands, as I cover virtually every form of online traffic available, many of which are free or dirt cheap.

Heck, I even reveal some effective offline strategies that no one else is showing!

I am going to show you how to use these closely guarded, proven secrets to generate endless targeted, responsive buyer traffic – on demand.

In a series of short, to the point, video lessons containing actionable steps so that you to generate this type of traffic to any offer, without the fluff and BS, suitable to the most new of newbies to the seasoned professional

Use this Secret weapon and you will become the TRAFFIC EXPERT!

Aliz AJ

"If you are having any kind of trouble getting quality LEADS to your offer or list, Gary's Rapid Traffic Guide (RTG) is PERFECT for you! He leaves nothing out in his course! Just with this one course you WILL be able to make possibly your first ever online income IF you follow his detailed, crystal-clear step-by-step system!

Gary provided 2 bonus modules that is already worth it's weight in GOLD. And those are just bonuses to complement the meat of his course: TRAFFIC! I can say I'm an experienced marketer but after going thru Gary's course, I found golden nuggets that I've never heard of before!

Best thing is, I'm familiar with some of the methods inside but nothing like how Gary explained it! I don't think I can do a much better job with his explanation! Gary, this stuff is truly a GEM in the whole IM industry as the most important part of any IM business is to have good traffic sources.

This course pretty much covered most, if not, everything there is to it to traffic. 5/5 stars my friend. I'm going back to learn some more stuff!"

Welcome to
Your complete guide (A-Z) of online and offline traffic.

You could say it’s like a Traffic Bible thats packed with instructions, demos and resources which will show you how to start making consistent income online or take your income in your existing business to the next level.

All in the quickest time possible whilst getting paid to a build a massive long term customer list of hungry buyers that will pay you over and over again.

Once this Monster Machine is set up (which we show you how) you can then feed this monster with multiple traffic sources that can run on complete autopilot!!

And what the gurus won’t tell you is that they make their fortunes combining multiple forms of traffic, so strap yourself in and get ready for this Massive Traffic Blast!

Rapid Traffic Guide is made up of 3 modules:

Bonus Module 1 - Product Selection Secrets (4 lessons)

Bonus Module 2 - Lead Capture/List Building (3 Lesson)

Main Module - Traffic Explosion (21 Lessons)

So you have everything you need to start earning online immediatelty...

As the stellar combination of these 3 modules encapsulates the major components of that are essential to make consistent long term income online!

Each lesson is short and to the point and is delivered in 3 formats:

  • HD Video
  • Audio
  • PDF Cheat Sheet

Members also receive online support for questions and technical difficulties, and relevant communcication of changes and trends within the industry.

Listen To What These Guys Say About Rapid Traffic Guide!
Saul Maraney
Jon Bowtell
Abbas Ali
Internet Marketer

Now why did I create this training program?

Well, I knew that many people are struggling with getting traffic to their online businesses, whilst their were many others that wanted to generate income online, but had no idea where to start.

So I deigned this course to help existing online businesses get an abundance of targeted traffic to enable them grow their profits to the next level.  It was also designed to take complete newbies step by step through the entire process that enables them to finally make reliable passive income online, whilst working from home, and enabling the financial and time freedom they crave.

And I do it by demonstrating, step by step, just how easy it is for anybody to get any type of traffic, capture that traffic to build a responsive buyers list, all whilst making income in the process...

And once you see how easy it is you’ll wish that you knew about this sooner.


Here Is A Sample Of What You'll Learn Inside
  • Follow step-by-step as I show you the 3 minute FREE TRAFFIC solution that can take your list from infancy to an income machine overnight 
  • Use Solo Ads the right way and learn how one FREE tool is changing the way you use other marketer’s lists to make more money for you… 
  • Learn the marketing strategy and Facebook loves and avoid getting your advertising account banned like so many marketers have experienced…
  • I’ll show you exactly how to get a 100% FREE traffic source to build your list, make a ton of sales, gain a massive influx of leads, all on complete auto pilot and is by far the quickest and cheapest way to skyrocket your business profits.
  • Discover the types of Media buys available and how to go about getting your Banner Ads placed on other company’s websites that can provide tons of quality targeted leads and buyers...
  • Discover the nearly instant PPC strategy that is guaranteed to be capture more buyers than any other technique available today…  
  • Ethically steal insane amounts of traffic and experience a six-figure surge of web visitors that will make your friends and family wonder if you robbed a bank… 
  • Find more FREE Organic Traffic than ever before after you learn how to get your site to the first page of Google without paying an SEO consultant
  • How to reverse engineer your list building by making PRODUCT SELECTION your 1st priority and discover why conversions start here…  
  • The inside scoop on Affiliate Products, CPA Offers, MLM, And DIY Product Creation and find out exactly why your list starts with the nature of your offer…  
  • 6 underground traffic sources that very few marketers have found yet (these are FREE and CHEAP) so you can outsmart the competition…  
  • Tricks to bringing Offline Marketing ONLINE and the reasons why you’ll be making more money than 99% of other marketers after this training…  
  • How to encourage the natural growth of viral traffic and what “going viral” really means for list building and passive income…  
  • Competition espionage strategies so powerful it will feel like you’ve blown the door off a vault filled with closely guarded trade-secrets…
  • The secret to re-targeting prospects that guarantees the buy buttons you need them to click to become rich are irresistible…  
  • Proven Capture Page Set Up Secrets that create higher conversions and guarantee a highly responsive list…  
  • 8 complete ad copy structures and swipes that WILL CONVERT in any niche over and over again—you’ll notice this copy formula because it’s worked on you…  
  • How to optimize conversions on your lead capture pages. You’ll join the top 1% of marketers who know how to split test to increase conversions…   
  • How to create a high converting product of your own and anyone can do it even if you think you can't..
  • I cover how to tap into 20 plus traffic sources..
Scroll Down Further To View The

Listen. I know you’re busy and your time is precious.

Hey, I’ve been in your shoes before…

So I’ve kept these lessons brief to solely get you to learn this system in the fastest time possible, and as the ULTIMATE REFERENCE TOOL that you can easily refer back to as you are growing your business.

See what others are saying about Rapid Traffic Guide

Steve Peck

"Rapid Traffic Guide is really impressive. Loved the video trainings - seemed to be just the right length. Not too long, nor not too short.

The no nonsense-no fluff way the material is presented makes this great, providing everything you need if you are just starting out.  

And if you are a veteran, the organization makes it a great source of information on how to expand your business lead generation into new areas for you.  

I give Rapid Traffc Guide a Big Thumbs Up!"

"As an affiliate and a product creator, I found Rapid Traffic Guide to be about the most comprehensive training I've come across on this subject.

It's not only about traffic generation, it's gives insights into how the industry works and how you can leverage things to your advantage.

Straight to the point training, if you need traffic, and we all do, this is going to answer all those questions. And with all the bonuses, Gary takes things a step further and give you a whole business creation strategy.


Craig Pennell
Ryan Andersen

"When I first got the opportunity to crack into Gary’s Rapid Traffic course I was just thinking it was going to be another rehashed courses but damn was I surprised!

With 21 content packed modules in this training even the most seasoned IM veteran will find something of value in this!

Honestly don't wait, grab this now before Gary puts up the price."

"Traffic is the lifeblood of your business, If no ones coming to your site, your not making any money!

You need traffic, and Gary, inside Rapid Traffic Guide has put together a Killer course on how to get just that, TRAFFIC! And Lots of IT!

He goes over MULTIPLE traffic methods thoroughly, if you cant manage to get heaps of traffic after going through this, give up now!

Top Notch Gary"

Rajinder Sidhu
Michael Gorman

 "Rapid Traffic Guide is a very thorough and comprehensive training program.

I have been working with Internet Marketing for over 5 years and seen a lot of 'traffic' products', some great, some not so great! 

Gary's product falls into the 'great' pile very comfortably. I was very impressed by the clear delivery, and the level of detail.

If you are looking for an easy to digest broad training course on internet marketing, you can't do much better than Rapid Traffic Guide, recommended!"

"Gary has truly managed to produce the A to Z of traffic, while keeping it concise and padding free. That’s a welcome and incredible achievement in today’s tendency of long products that just assist in the information overload we all suffer.

The product takes the user from lead capture to follow up and it is truly an encyclopedia of traffic, with practical tips how to apply each source of traffic.
I found at least one golden nugget in each part. It reminded me of types of traffic I had dismissed in the past due to lack of knowledge.

It has inspired me in re-launching my semi abandoned blog and really apply what was leaned. It was the encouragement I needed. Thank you for that!
Gary I truly think you have a winner!"

Liliana Marsden


What if I am a Newbie and have no technical knowledge and am not computer literate?

PERFECT. This course was designed with Newbies in mind, simplifying everything from the start of every process to the finish.

What if I don’t have a product?

NO PROBLEM – You can send this traffic to affiliate offers, allowing you to earn commissions from promoting other peoples products, and I show you how to build a list at the same time. I even have a lesson dedicated to Affiliate Marketing that steps you through the product selection process and accessing your affiliate link. I also have lessons dedicated to other types of products/offers, including one model where a sale does not need to be made in order for you to make a commission.

What if I already have an online business?

FANTASTIC. The strategies in here will help you scale up profits using multiple and underground forms of traffic with lightning speed. This is some outstanding advanced materials found in this course as well.

Will this work for Multilevel Marketing and Network Marketing?

ABSOLUTELY. I have a lesson that specifically focuses on Multilevel Marketing and you can actually use the multitude of traffic methods to get you a flood of leads that will help you build your team (and recurring $$$$) in no time at all.

 What if I want to create my own product?

WE GOT YOU COVERED – We have an entire lesson set up which shows you how to research your niche, find demand and create your own information product or software product. And don’t worry, it’s surprisingly easy if you know the steps. You don’t even need to be an expert in any field or a technical geek.

What if I don’t have a website?

NO PROBLEM – We show exactly what to promote and how to get traffic to it WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A WEBSITE!

Do I need a website to make money?

NOT AT ALL – We’ll show you how to get paid by the best and most reputable networks without having a website or payment processing system in place!

What if I have don’t have a lot money to invest?

THAT’S OK – A lot of the traffic is 100% free and I provide information of enough free resources that will get you started on a shoe-string budget.

Will this work in niches other than Internet Marketing?

ABSOLUTELY – Any niche you desire can be monetised with this system. From Dating to Golf, from Dog Training to Mountain Climbing. It works in all niches!

When can I expect to see results?

Once you’ve consumed the full training, you’ll find some methods that if implemented immediately, can have you earning your first commissions within 24 hours. There is no reason that you can't see the same speedy results if you follow the simple steps that we outline for you.

 Will this get over-saturated?

Definitely not! New hot products are constantly being created and launched every single day. And there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different targeting criteria that can be used for each product across the various traffic methods. So there is absolutely no way that this method could become over-saturated.

Can this assist me if I have an offline business?

MOST DEFINITELY. Not only do I cover some OFFLINE marketing and lead generation tactics in a dedicated lesson, your offline business can explode using some of the online traffic covered as well. In fact in some of the forms of online traffic can be even easier to get for local offline businesses than a typical internet marketing businesses.

So in a nutshell, you can start building your profit empire today, even if you have:

  • No Mailing List
  • No Website
  • No Expert Status or Authority
  • No Affiliates
  • No Product, Idea or Niche
  • Limited Capital
  • No High School Education
  • Zero technical skills

 With that said…  

You’re Probably Wondering How Much This Is Going to Cost?

Instead of breaking this course up into 500 smaller parts and stretching it out over 5, 6, or 7 $97 information products like all of the other programs, courses, and guides you’ve purchased, I’ve put everything you need to build a list that WANTS to put money in your pocket in one easy to follow training program.

Considering that, I could have easily charged $497 or $997 for this course like all the “guru’s” do and you would still be getting the deal of a lifetime.  

But don’t worry, it is a mere fraction of that…

You see I created this product for my friends who are struggling, still spinning their wheels, still stuck and unsure of the next steps to take.  Because of this reason I’m going to let you inside this course for a price much less than it should be.

But before we talk about the price, let me tell you about these killer bonuses I’m throwing in for people who act fast.

 Amazing Fast Action Bonuses


William Souza is a highly succesful 7 figure CPA Marketer

In this bonus webinar, William will show you exactly how you can earn massive streams of commissions by promoting CPA offers.

If you want to crush it with CPA, you need to get on this webinar. When William shows you what's possible with CPA, it will literally blow your mind!


In this special workshop, Richard is going to reveal to you the simple system he's used to bank over $1.1 million online based on GIVING stuff away.

Not only is this system easy to setup, it's also extremely profitable because it goes against the conventional method of "sell, sell, sell" that all the "gurus" are teaching you.

In fact, this system is so simple to setup that he's also going to show you how to build your first profitable project in LESS than 10 minutes - even if you've got no experience.


And You'll Also Get Access To These Bonus E-Books!

Newbies University

Instantly Eliminate The Difficult Learning Curve With A Fool Proof Guide To Making Money Online - Exclusively For Newbies! Jump Start Your Online Marketing In 48 Hours Or Less.

How to Raise Cash Fast

How Would You Like The Thought of Knowing 21 Different Methods of Generating Cash Anytime You'd Like?  Discover them here.

Seven Quickest and Easiest Strategies to Make Money Online

 All you have to do is follow the step-by-step strategies and techniques outlined below and you can turn your existing blog (or a brand new one) into a cash generating business!

Facebook Fast Fan Page Profits

Discover Secret Facebook Marketing Tips and the HOTTEST and NEWEST Guru Facebook Techniques and Strategies to make MORE Profits easier and faster.

Hot Ideas for Viral Fan Pages

Discover some HOT Tips and Ideas that you can use to create Viral Facebook Fan Pages.

Freelance Profits

Your Complete Guide to Working From Home as a Freelancer providing you with the freedom that you are looking for.

Article Marketing Magic

Discover how you can expertly use a simple way to drive tons of product hungry visitors to your websites and make bigger profits without paying for them.

The Bloggers Barrage

Discover The Secret Blueprint To Earning A Full-Time Income From Your Blogs And Unlock The Doors To Massive Swarms Of Visitors... Even If You Are A Total Newbie!

 So Let’s Take a Look at Everything
You’ll Be Getting Today Inside
THIS IS THE MEAT - 20 lessons dedicated to the complete spectrum of online traffic, includes offline strategies and competitor traffic analytics and so much more!  
4 lessons which also include Product Creation, and set up and steps to successful affiliate marketing and much more.  
3 lessons that ensure rapid list building including capture page set up, analytics, optimisation and killer ad copy formula
Plus for those who act fast, you’re also getting the following FAST ACTION BONUSES:
BONUS 1: CPA Webinar with William Souza   (Value $197)
BONUS 2: 100K Apprentice Webinar with Richard Legg   (Value $297)
BONUS 3: Newbies University   (Value $27)
BONUS 4: How to Raise Cash Fast   (Value $27)
BONUS 5: Seven Quickest and Easiest Strategies to Make Money Online   (Value $27)
BONUS 6: Facebook Fan Page Profits   (Value $17)
BONUS 7: Hot Ideas For Viral Fan pages    (Value $17)
BONUS 8: Freelance Profits   (Value $37)
BONUS 9: Article Marketing Magic   (Value $27)
BONUS 10: The Blogger's Barrage   (Value $27)


Grab This Now And Set Up Your Cash Generating Machine Today!

In fact, if act now, you can get this for $497, $197, $97, $37

So click the button below – and let’s make some money!


Rapid Traffic Guide

 100% Money Back Guarantee

To take all of the risk off you I am providing my IRON CLAD 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

We are so certain that you are going to love this training and we know that if it’s applied it is virtually impossible to fail.

So if you apply this training and fail to make more than your investment back, then drop me an email within 30 days of the purchase date and I’ll give you an immediate 100% refund – No Questions Asked.

Bottom line is you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

So Hurry – Time is ticking to get in at this amazing launch price. Before it goes up to $97. And I don’t know how long it will be until another amazing discount like this is given!

Go ahead and click the 'BUY NOW' button below to get instant access to RAPID TRAFFIC GUIDE!

Rapid Traffic Guide

After you click the buy button, your order will be securely processed right away giving you immediate access and login credentials to our amazing member’s area.

So you can get stuck right in to the training right now.

To your success

Gary Alach



Lesson 1Video Traffic

VIDEO IS HOT RIGHT NOW! Discover how you can use Video along with 100% free traffic and hosting to drive traffic to your offer – without having to show yourself on screen or even speak on the video.
Discover how to get your videos ranked in Youtube and Google simply and quickly to score an instant avalanche of traffic.
Watch over my shoulder as I create a Youtube channel and upload a video right before your eyes in under 3 minutes.

Lesson 2 - Solo Ads

Getting targeted traffic using other peoples email lists in as easy as brushing your teeth and we’ll show you how. We’ll provide you with the best solo ad sellers at the minute.
And you’ll never have to research the results and reputation of Solo ad sellers ever again with this one cool FREE tool that allows you to find the best sellers along with their up to date results instantly. THIS IS WORTH THE PRICE OF THE COURSE ALONE!

Lesson 3 - Facebook

We’ll provide a full demo on the dead easy process of setting up both paid and free advertising campaigns using this smokin’ hot social network, along with fan page creation, to have a surge of traffic coming to you in a matter of minutes.
We’ll show you how to target your advertising, harnessing the multitude of information stored deep in the Facebook database, like pages liked, interests, occupation etc.
We’ll show you our exactly method of how to get friends and followers quickly without having your account closed down by Facebook, in as little as 15 minutes per day!

Lesson 4 – Other Social Networks

Provide you with a list of other Social Networks that can bring you a ton of free and cheap traffic faster than you can make a cup of coffee.

Lesson 5 – Pay Per Click (PPC)

We’ll outline the steps to have a successful PPC campaign set up in the fastest time possible and provide a list of awesome places that you can order PPC traffic that are simpler and cheaper than Google!
We’ll also give you a full demo on how to use Google’s keyword Planner to your advantage and a sneaky tactic to find buyer keywords.

Lesson 6 – Mystery Traffic Type A

We’ll reveal and show you how to use this powerful traffic source which allows you to ethically and legally STEAL traffic from any website or page (even from your competitor’s) of your choosing all on complete autopilot.
We’ll provide you the best resources to get this all started.

Lesson 7 – Mystery Traffic Type B

Warning! – Handle Carefully.  We reveal this insane traffic method that has the ability to provide you with a surge tens of thousands of visitors literally within hours of setting it up and will flood your business with more sales and leads than you know what to do with.
We’ll show you the best places to grab this tidal wave of targeted traffic and how to get started!!

Lesson 8 - Mobile Traffic

Prospective buyers are trending towards mobile devices and we’ll show you exactly how to go about accessing this growing form of traffic.

Lesson 9 – Media Ads

We’ll show you the types of Media buys available and how to go about getting your Banner Ads placed on other company’s websites that can provide tons of quality targeted leads and buyers.
We’ll also show you the best free software to use to create your banners and show you how you can outsource banner creation for as little as $5

Lesson 10 - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’ll show you how to get a ton of FREE organic traffic on autopilot by outlining the steps required to get your website to appear on the first page of google.
We’ll go through both On Page and Off Page SEO and how to get it done for free.
We provide a demo on research the IMPORTANT aspect on selecting keywords – (If not done properly you will be wasting your time!)

Lesson 11 – Mystery Traffic Source C

This is one of my favourites – This 100% FREE traffic source is a way to build your list, make a ton of sales, gain a massive influx of leads, all on complete auto pilot and is the quickest and cheapest way to skyrocket your business profits
We’ll show you how to get it easily. You can’t tap into this traffic unless you know the precise steps that I’ll be revealing. It will blow your socks off!

Lesson 12 – Traffic Agencies

We’ll show you where you can get premium traffic from qualified buyers which literally takes minutes to set up.

Lesson 13 – Viral Traffic

Brace yourself for the Traffic Rush!
Learn how to use a combination of tools and strategies to get viral traffic to your offer that increases exponentially over time.

Lessons 14, 15 and 16 - Mystery Traffic Sources D, E & F

We reveal and step you through 3 other 100% free traffic sources that can deliver you fast streams of targeted traffic time and time again.

Lesson 17 – Offline Marketing

Believe it or not! Offline Marketing can be very effective (even for an online business) and 99% of online business aren’t doing it and they are leaving money on the table.
We’ll go through 14 ways to conduct offline marketing for increase mass exposure of your business.

Lesson 18 – Other Ninja Traffic Sources

We outline 6 underground traffic sources (Both Free and Cheap) that can have visitors flocking to your websites.
You will be outsmarting your competition as most people don’t know about these!

Lesson 19 – Retargeting

We’ll show you the ins and outs of this easy to set up traffic source which literally follows existing prospects as they browse the internet with strategically placed ads on multiple websites.
This cheap and easy to set up traffic source has been shown to position you as an authority and increase conversions of existing campaigns by up to 40%. We’ll show you the best Retargeting Networks on the planet.

Lesson 20 – Competitor Traffic Analytics

This is a game changer and SERIOUSLY levels the playing field.
We’ll show you the secret tools and tricks to enable you to spy on your competitors’ traffic sources and online advertisements.
We provide a demo on how this is done so when you’re done watching you can model the big boys advertising behaviour! PRICELESS!!

Lesson 1 – Affiliate Products

NEWBIE HEAVEN - Includes the best affiliate networks to sign up to which are free to join have the greatest products which pay you on time.
Advantages and Pitfalls of affiliate marketing that you need to know.
We include a demo on how to find a high converting offer in any niche with one of the best affiliate networks and how to be set up to promote in under 5 minutes without the need for a website or your own product.

Lesson 2 – CPA Offers

We show you how it works and how to get paid without requiring anyone making a purchase.
A simple trick that will get you accepted a CPA Network
Pros and Cons of promoting CPA Offers
A list on my recommended CPA Networks
A tour of the different types of promotions within a top Network and how to get paid when a person makes a simple action (even without a purchase). Wow!!

Lesson 3 – Multi Level Marketing

Full detailed explanation from a perspective of a person in a multi-level marketing company including the advantages and pitfalls of being involved in an MLM.
A list of the best MLM’s available in the IM niche and how you can increase your earnings after you join.
This course is the perfect companion for a multilevel marketer as it contains the most comprehensive training on the ingredient lacking in MLM’s – TARGETED TRAFFIC!

Lesson 4 – How to Create Your Own Products

Have you ever noticed that the richest people online are the product creators! Here I reveal the exact steps involved to create your own product (and it’s surprisingly simple) and ways that it can be used to pay you over and over which includes:
  • Niche selection
  • Market Research techniques to help you decide what product to create for maximum profits
  • Exact Steps to create an information product (Videos, E-books, etc) without needing any knowledge in the subject
  • Exact Steps to create a software product without any technical ability
  • How to outsource product creation on the cheap and still get a quality result
  • How you can combine your product promotions with affiliate promotions to stuff your bank account with massive pays regularly – Just like the 7 and 8 figure earners do it!

Lesson 1 – Capture Page Set Up

The essential components of a good capture page which will attract the perfect prospects, like bees to honey.  Be blown away as I create capture pages right before your eyes in under 5 minutes using two different capture page tools.
I reveal the best capture page software available today!!

Lesson 2 – Ad Copy Formula

Legally steal 8 proven ad copy structures that you can use on capture pages and other online advertisements that incorporate proven ‘emotional triggers’ and will have your prospects falling over themselves to check out your offer.
This is used by the big players and works for any product in any niche!!

Lesson 3 – Analytics and Optimisation

Drive your optin rates through the roof by learning this simple analysis, split tests and optimisation techniques. 
Don’t worry – I’ll demonstrate how to do all this inside the video. Stand head and shoulders above your competition as 99% of other marketers are failing to do this. Doing this correctly can save you money and time, and will triple or quadruple your conversions.


Now although I cannot guarantee your results, I can whole heartedly say that I am 100% confident you’ll love this course and will start earning great money as long as you make the commitment to apply what you learn!

Listen, this is set out in the an easy to learn format, but if you are having any difficulties or have any questions in relation to any aspect whatsoever, just drop me an email and I’ll personally reply to you get quickly back on track.

And remember your purchase is fully covered by money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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